Little Pagan Homeschool Curriculum

Little Pagan's Homeschool is a Charlotte Mason inspired education with a pagan slant. It uses history as a spine around which to organize the rest of the subjects, although in the interest of thoroughness, not everything in a unit is related to the era under examination.

We are trying to make the best use of the classical, eclectic, and unschooling ideas we have come across in our research, so this lesson plan is in no sense 'authentic' to any specific method out there.

Unit 1 is intended to be started sometime between ages 5 and 6. It starts the year slowly with mostly stories. As the year progresses, more subjects will be covered per unit. As we progress, some books will be dropped and others added as we discover what works for our family and future units will reflect that. If those books we drop work well for your family, checking the Table of Contents to see whether anything related to the current unit's focus is available is a simple matter. Please, by all means, continue to use what works for your family and drop anything that doesn't.

We will add the detailed curricula as we finalize them. Please check back to this page to see how they are progressing.

Year 1

Unit 1 Summary

Unit 2 Summary

Unit 3 Summary

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