Happy New Year 2016

Hmm, that was a much longer hiatus than I had planned.  Actually, I hadn’t planned on a hiatus at all.

The last year has been a whirlwind of adaptation, change, and re-adaptation.  All in all, it’s been a wonderful year, but such an enormous change was bound to be stressful, no matter how good.

We are coming up on the one-year anniversary of Jack and I arriving here. In some ways the time has flown – and in others it feels like we’ve always been here.

By February we had worked out the bus system, Jack had joined a dojo and a the local chess club, and life started to get busy.  The original dojo Jack had joined was a massive affair with one instructor and dozens of students.  It was very different from his Isshinryu experience, but it was also a very long way away, so in April he changed dojos to a much smaller one where he works more closely with his instructor and we don’t have to spend four hours traveling to get him there.   They also meet three nights a week, as opposed to only Saturday morning, and Jack regularly attends two of those.

I did take the photography class.  It was a lot of fun!  For six months I concentrated on photography and I got pretty decent.  However my class ended in early December, and I have taken few photos since my exhibition – and for some reason, they haven’t been very good pictures.  Oh well, I learned a great deal and I will pick the camera up again in the new year.  It’s been nice not to HAVE to do shoots every week for a few weeks.

One of the expected challenges of moving to a completely new culture has been the whole food issue.  We eat funny.  I have spend the best part of the last 12 months exploring the foods here, looking for safe versions of packaged foods and tracking down completely pastured meats. We have found a wonderful farm market and a pastured meat delivery service, so the basics are covered. We also have a lovely greengrocer and an IGA a very short walk from our new home, which covers most of the rest. But the exploration process – and a really bad and long lasting case of indulgence – has had some less than ideal effects on my health.

After 20 years of close control of my diabetes, I am having some complications – due almost entirely, I’m sure – to my indulgence in “cafe culture”. I stopped having gluten free treats with my coffee when we’re out and about a few months ago, but I think my blood sugar must still be very high because my feet have been getting numb after meals that have even a little too much carbohydrate.  I have a lot of work to do! (My glucometer broke about six months ago, and I have only just gotten the paperwork done to apply for a new one.  Foolish of me, but it’s done now. I will eventually have a new one and can test my blood sugar experiments and get control back.)

In September, we moved from Ann’s house, down the hill to share a house with Trudi – another of Rod’s sisters. Our new home is around the corner from Rod’s mother and his third sister, Karen, which is very, very cool! I have had a marvelous time getting to know this side of Rods family better.  It’s also been great to unpack the boxes that waited in Rod’s mother’s garage for us to move down here. Not surprisingly, we are finding that some things from the boxes “went astray” – and some of the boxes had clearly been unpacked and repacked.  Putting things in different boxes than they came from was a dead give-away. Oh well – almost a year between packing and packing means that it may be years before I am sure what’s missing, and the emotional impact come largely from the impossibility of replacing things until I am working again.

The higher rent on a bigger house has also presented us with some challenges.  Pensions are not established with whole food diets in mind, so most weeks the money is gone once we have our groceries.  I’m not wildly enthused about going back to being poor and have begun to investigate how I might make some extra income while Rod still needs me to be home.

Jack’s exciting news is that he is now working.  He tutors chess at a private girl’s school in Melbourne for a couple hours per week.  He REALLY enjoys having an income of his own and he has bailed us out on more than one occasion when the budget came up short. His studies are continuing smoothly  – and I have joined him in his math studies.  I never got a very good math education, so a few years ago, I picked up his curriculum and started working through it.  He’s still far ahead of me, but I am making progress.  I recently completed the elementary section and started on the middle school section  – and since he does one chapter each day and I do two or three, I may eventually overtake him. (Or not.  he seems to understand math better than i do and I consider it possible – or probable – that I will come to a point where I slow way down just to understand.

In other exciting news, Nerida and Connor have come to spend the new year celebrations with us! Our first house guests!  It’s so very, very good to catch up with them again. The only problem is that its made me very aware of how much I miss our weekly dinners together. Sadly, they will head back to Sydney this weekend.

It’s 3:30am. I think I’d better get some sleep. I’m sure there’s more, but I wouldn’t be able to write about it coherently at this point….