General update…

July 2016

OK, now that my huge task (the letter objecting to the proposed new homeschool regulations) is underway, it’s time to let you know where I’ve been for the last two years.

I’m sorry for mostly disappearing for so long. I didn’t intend to, but life in a new country proved pretty all-consuming.

When Chez Smiffy stopped working (I could no longer update the software or upload photos) I didn’t have the “bandwidth” to address the problem. It was just too much for me to deal with on top of all the adjustments we were making.

I also found myself uninspired about posting when I couldn’t use photos as spring boards for my thoughts.

And so, blogging took a back seat.

All is well here.  We are enjoying our new life.  Because Rodney needs to have someone available to him pretty much around the clock, I am not yet working but am on a carers pension. That means that the guys and I are together much of the time.  It’s brought us all even closer than we were.  I love that!

Jack has grown from a boy to a young man in the last two years. Living in a small city has meant that he has a much more independent lifestyle than he could have had in Michigan, because he can grab a bus on his own to run his own errands. He has also taken ownership of his own education.  That thrills me! He chooses most of his books for the week, and then he chooses what to study each day. We have agreed on the number of subjects we will cover in a week, and I still hear his narrations (at least as much for my own edification as anything) but he does a lot of silent reading, too, these days.

January 2017

Rodney, as you can gather from his recent posts, is also doing well. He can get out and about pretty easily these days and has started to expand his social life beyond just being Jack’s Dad. He is able to work with clients and is back to his astrological research – and even blogging!

I am doing well and enjoying life here in Australia. The town we’re in is just about perfect for me. The micro-climate is one that almost always has moderate temperatures.  That isn’t to say that it never gets hot or cold – it does both – but the heat and cold rarely last for more than a few days before they return to reasonably comfortable.

Getting to know Rod’s family has been wonderful! It’s easy to see why he turned out to be so wonderful – it’s a family trait.

In May of 2015, Jack took a cooking class at the Ministry of Food downtown. It’s across from the bus terminal and the name made us curious. We peeked through the windows and saw that they give classes to anyone over the age of 12. Jack was interested, so we signed him up. I was so impressed by what I saw that a month later, I signed up to be a volunteer. I am still there, once per week, helping to keep things running behind the scenes. (Someone has to wash the dishes, run the clothes washer and dryer, arrange the food on equipment on trays for class, and chop and peel and dice.  That’s me and my compatriots on the volunteer squad.)

I have far too many projects on the fire to go into all of them in one post, but the big ones are genealogy (including astrological genealogy), photography (mainly portraiture), MOOCs on various topics that interest me, maintaining several penpal relationships – as well as writing to each of our grandchildren (up to 11 now) every month, and making greeting cards – even occasionally experimenting with new techniques.  And now, I hope, blogging again.