Food in Australia (by Jack)

In Australia in the 1900’s, the menu was slightly different than it is today:

In the 1900’s

Australia’s main production was wool back in the 1900’s, so it isn’t surprising that the average breakfast usually included lamb, sausages, and/or bacon and eggs. [Which has been a staple for Britain since the 1600’s.]

For lunch, bread and jam was the normal food, and the tradition seems to have stuck.

Dinner was wider in variety, but it usually consisted of “meat and three veg”. Finally, dessert was typically either rice custard or steamed pudding.


Breakfast today mainly consists of cereal or bacon and eggs, but pancakes and waffles are also fairly popular.

Lunches are usually either sandwiches or take-out food.

Dinner is quite often had in restaurants, and usually includes hamburgers, steaks, or some other type of meat. And dessert is typically very sweet, like ice cream, or over-sweetened cake.

Over to you; which would you rather have, and why?