We’re here!

I’m sorry for the long delay in posting. Life has been pretty “full on” since we left Los Angeles.

The night after my last post, we did manage to get seated on the flight! Even better, we were seated together and the seats were very comfortable (a new experience for me on a trans-Pacific flight). There were no over-tired, uncontrolled children nearby. It was pretty much perfect, and we were finally underway!

I used the flight to discover a “new” game, having tired of Mah Jong on the flight from Detroit. Bejeweled is interesting. It took over half of the time I was awake to start to see the patterns, so I guess it was probably a brain expanding experience, but it wasn’t so demanding that I was unable to do it once exhaustion set in. Jack and I each managed to doze for about seven hours, so when we arrived, we were tired, but not completely exhausted.
At Sydney, I was astonished at how quickly and smoothly customs and immigration went. Both were pretty much a “shoo through” experience.

At customs, though, we did meet the most adorable “inspection trainee”. She seemed to be a terrier mix of some kind, and she really, really liked the empty potato chip bag I’d forgotten was in my purse. Oops. But nonetheless, the whole process took about five minutes. Then we had a six hour layover with all of our bags in our possession. Again, I sing the praises of the engineer who invented roller bags with reliable wheels. (Next up, un-carpeted hotels and airports?)

Jack and I were pretty tired. Far too tired to do anything exciting with our six hours in Sydney, so we bought the tickets for the last leg of the journey and had a coffee. After a while, we discovered a baggage storage place so we could wander un-encumbered for a few hours. Then we wandered. I don’t really remember what we did, actually. It was a blur then and it’s gotten less clear over time. It did involve the purchase of lots of coffee and many bottles of water, some silly conversation, and a bit of people watching. Eventually, we were able to reclaim our bags and check them in to the last flight.
We landed at our final destination on Sunday evening, around the same time as we had closed and locked the door on our previous life the Sunday before.

It’s a small airport, so we climbed down the steps onto the tarmac and headed for the airport to claim our bags and our new life. Rodney was there, of course. As were sisters Ann and Trudi. The reunion was sweet, and I didn’t want to let go of my beautiful husband. Not then; not ever again. (It required two cars to get all of our luggage home.  Usually I like to travel light, but this time I was very glad for the extra bags – it means we were comfortable for a week in Los Angeles and that we had Jack’s study materials to get back back to our studies as soon as possible.10951627_10206241488182774_1260577901_o
Life since then has been wonderful but, as I said in my opening statement, pretty full on.  When I first arrived, Rod was still having several medical appointments each week, and we have also been dealing with Centrelink (the social services/unemployment/medical insurance agency) to get Rod on a disability pension, to either get me a job or registered as Rod’s full time carer while he needs one, and to make sure Jack and I have access to medical care should we need it.
I have also been learning the ropes as far as where to get what we need each day – groceries, medication, public transit, fountain pen ink, postage, and the like.  Ann and Trudi have been helpful with car transport for Rod, who can’t yet safely take the bus, and sister Karen has been an enormous help with learning the bus routes and the walking routes around Geelong and Melbourne.

Rod and I have been walking very regularly, and he has been able to go further and further as time passes.  He has also been swimming three times each week, and his progress has been phenomenal. Last week, he started to see the slowing and ending of some of his regular appointments.

He has been seeing a general physician, a neurologist, a cardiologist, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, and a speech therapist as well as a neuropsychologist and even a nutritionist.  Total bill for many months of such complete care?  Less than $200.  I was amazed.

He has gone as far as the various therapists and neuropsychologist can take him. Thanks to his determination and persistent practice with the skills they taught him, the rest is just practice and healing time. The cardiologist has given him a clean bill of health – including superb blood test results, and switched him to every six months monitoring.  That has freed up a lot of time!

Now for the next adventure…!

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  1. Woo Hoo!! Happy to see the great pics of Team Delaney-Smith reunited and the update. Like the new Downunder. Best to all of you! — Jan

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